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e + Deft

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  1. Skillful, adept, or proficient in using electronic devices or technology.
  2. Cleverly quick and proficient in navigating or interacting with digital systems.
  3. Displaying dexterity and proficiency in online activities or virtual environments.

Our History And Values

est. 2020

In 2020, eDeft Marketing began with a mission: help small businesses grow online. We saw many entrepreneurs not using digital marketing effectively. With passion and creativity, we provided innovative web design and marketing strategies. Our dedicated team helped businesses reach new heights of success. Today, we’re still transforming dreams into reality and empowering businesses to thrive online.

Our Mission

Helping the Non Techy Entrepreneurs Succeed Online!

Our mission is to make sure all small business owners who are great at what they do aren’t limited to building a successful business because of a lack of knowledge in technology. We strive to not only help you build and scale your businesses but also help scale what’s working and trim what’s not. We want to fill in the gap of small business owners not using digital marketing and get all businesses online.

Frequently Asked Questions

About eDeft Marketing

We chose the name eDeft off of the word deft, characterized by facility and skill. We specifically chose this word because we take pride in the work we deliver and use the latest software to complete our projects for our clients. We immerse ourselves in our love for design and development, ensuring that much attention to detail is considered, and we are constantly evolving in being the best!

From the beginning, we have connected with each and every client – providing individual care to the needs of each project. We always put the client first. We are providing a service for your company and want to hear everything you have to say!

We have been working in the e-commerce space for over five years, learning the ins and outs of the business. We saw how a professional and functional website compares to an ordinary website, and we want to help as many business owners to take full advantage of the World Wide Web!

Everyone! We have worked with local mom-and-pop shops to big corporations. Before committing to any project, we want to make sure we can successfully build your business a professional website. Our goal is quality, not quantity; we want to make sure every one of our clients smiles cheek to cheek when your website goes live on the World Wide Web!

Ready to get started with eDeft Marketing!

In our experience, all businesses are unique and have different needs and goals. Our objective is to work with you to understand your situation and create a package that will be in line with your goals and deliver results. 

Every relationship starts with a conversation. Fill out the form or call us today at 978-415-9781.

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