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Small business web design

The Best
Small Business Web Design Package

Take your business's online presence local visibility local authority local ranking to the next level,
building trust and authority in your area, converting more web traffic into paying customers!


eDeft Marketing

Small business web design

The Best
Small Business
Web Design Package

Take your business's online presence local visibility local authority local ranking
to the next level, building trust and authority in your area, converting more web traffic into paying customers!


Why don't more business owners use digital marketing?

“I don’t have time to learn another skill”

says the overwhelmed business owner.

There is only so much time in a day. As a business owner, the main focus is keeping the ball rolling forward and maintaining happy clients, which can take most of your day. By the time the day is over, you’re too tired to start learning about digital marketing.

“I’m not a digital marketer.”

says the frustrated business owner.

Most business owners today know that their business needs to be online to succeed but do not have the time or knowledge to leverage the internet to maximize their lead generation and online presence. So let us take care of you and your business’s online presence from here on out.

“What do I need on my website?”

says the confused business owner.

By now, it’s known that every business needs to have a website. But just having a website with your basic business information isn’t enough anymore. You need a website that will sell your products and services 24/7. That’s only possible if you add the right content. Keep scrolling to see how we help businesses with this exactly!

The happiest and most successful business owners today use digital marketing.

The most successful businesses today are those that fully take advantage of the internet and understand that today’s society is using the internet every single day and actively searching for local products and services daily.


Optimize your businesses local presence to maximize your online exposure!

Generate more leads

With an optimized business website built for conversions, your products and services will appear in front of potential customers more often and generate more clicks meaning more visitors to turn into paying customers.

Stand out from the competition

While many local companies ignore digital marketing today, those who embrace it will reap the rewards and generate more business simply by having an online presence optimized for maximum exposure.

Eliminate guessing work

There is no guesswork with the Best Marketing Package for Small Businesses, as we have processes and procedures to apply to your business. So schedule a call to get the best marketing package for your small business!

Focus on scaling your business

Hiring professionals to take care of your online presence and website allows you, the business owner, to continue your focus on working on your business as opposed to working in your business handling the time-consuming, tedious work.


Included in Package:

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Bonus #1

Two Custom Localized Landing Pages


Don’t just send your traffic to your home page or service page. Instead, send them to a custom landing page with the service + location they’re already searching on Google. We’ll help you choose which keywords to target for the highest chances of outranking your competitors. This all ties in with SEO, and creating these pages will help boost your overall online authority.

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Bonus #2

Web Page Content Guides


Our clients save an average of 6 hours of stressful research and creative thinking using our content guides. So let us handle the creative part while you, the expert in your industry, can focus on completing your website’s content in only a few hours. Have confidence in your website’s content as our guides show you how to write your content for the best chances of converting traffic into leads.

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Bonus #3

Proper Legal Pages


If your website captures visitors’ information (lead generation), by law, you need a Privacy Policy. Most other digital marketing companies either ignore this or charge extra. Every website built by eDeft Marketing gets the proper legal pages to protect your investment & business website.

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What’s the cost of NOT using digital marketing for your business?

Businesses not using digital marketing are at a complete disadvantage to competitors in your area when trying to get local business from the internet. Not having a solid online presence can make it tedious for potential customers to find you.


eDeft Marketing

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$ 1,995

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Already have a solid online presence for your business and looking to gain more business?

We offer SEO services for our clients who already have a website built to convert your traffic into revenue!

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Who is eDeft Marketing

eDeft Marketing was founded by Ivan Sanchez. With a passion for business and design, he realized that he wanted to use the knowledge and skills he’s obtained to help other companies. He started eDeft Marketing with that in mind.

Located just 20 minutes North of Boston, MA, we are a digital marketing company helping local small businesses build lead-generating websites and taking care of your online presence with conversions in mind. Schedule a call to get your business the best marketing package for your small business!

Digital Marketing Is Like… A Neon Sign

Imagine a small shop on a dirt road not even listed on a map, in the middle of nowhere, with no sign whatsoever. This is a business’s webpage with no SEO. How are customers expected to buy from your business if it is almost impossible to be found? By optimizing your digital marketing strategies, your brand will be more discoverable by customers and your following will build more quickly. Now that’s a flashing sign if we’ve ever seen one.

Digital Marketing Is Like… Playing A Team Sport

Picture a soccer team of one, or a football team without a quarterback. Neither are going to be successful. The same goes for a business without a killer digital marketing team behind them. Just like a strong wide receiver and line backers are essential to any great football team, an SEO expert and social media guru are key players in a digital marketing team. Each team member possesses a certain set of skills and sees the “game” from a different perspective.

Digital Marketing Is Like… Exercise

To really see the full effects of an exercise regime, you must fully commit to daily activity and have a consistent schedule. The same goes for a business’s digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s your first time picking up a weight, or your first time posting on social media for your business, don’t expect immediate results from either. Practice makes perfect and, over time, both will get easier and you’ll be able to perform more advanced actions. Whether it’s adding more weight to a squat or more external links to a webpage, your body and brand will be stronger than ever in no time!

Digital Marketing Is Like… Watering A Plant

If you just have a plant and soil in a pot, will it grow? No, it needs water in order to survive! The same goes for a business with no digital marketing. It may look great at first and even want to grow, but it just can’t without the proper care and help. Marketing not only initially lets people know about your brand, but keeps new customers coming even after it is well established. After all, a plant never stops needing water, even after it has bloomed.

Who is this for?
- small business owners
- local business owners

Any business owner who knows that their business needs to be online to succeed in todays day and age but simply does not have the time or knowledge to leverage the internet to maximize your lead generation and online presence as a whole. Let our team take care of you from here on out

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